"Over the last 6 1/2 years Art has provided engaging marketing materials, on point promotional materials and consumer friendly web design
in a timely and professional manner. His attention to detail and out of the box ideas have been a success. His work should speak for itself.

Sue Ellen Blodgett
Senior Campaign Director, CEG

CEG | Better Living | Health & Family |
In The Kitch | Mom Squad | At Home | Celebrating Women | US & Canada

Worked as a subcontractor acting as their design department | you name it I did it.


OK your hired and we need everything. Brands, Rebrands, designs, redesigns, graphics, collateral, promotional items, animated banners, banners, e-blasts, video graphics, web design, web development, work with developers, video editors, lots of brands some 200+in all. You can view all the brands that are included here.


The pieces you see above are just a few of over 500 projects I completed also working with brands ranging from TEVA pharmaceuticals, McDonalds, Phizer, Godiva, and 192 other brands for their television programs. Needed to change gears often and get it done.
Completed in 2007-2013.