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Shotgun Shock

Air Ride Suspension for Harley Davidson Softails

Shotgun Shock


Marketing Design 


Creative Director/Designer

The companies website and brand overhaul design was the initial focus.  The owner and I established a great working relationship early on where his no BS attitude, which is synonymous with the biker culture allowed for marketing not only the product, but him as well as the face of the company.  The concept of his products comparison to his competitors showed him with a slingshot and a tank blown up in the background that said it all.  

Shotgun Shock was moving 2 units per week prior to working with AW Design Studio. Fast forward 8 years and the numbers have increased to 75 units a month with a 6 month waiting list for a new product line.

Brand Enhancement

The existing logo had a good recognized following, so I reinforced the look and feel with a more solid structure which included the url .

Website Design

Animated Console

This is a valuable sales tool showing how the product changes the geometry of the motorcycle from an overstock, stock, and "slammed" more aggressive look with animation.  The better understanding the consumer received about the product helped in decision making. 

customer and company Gallery 

The website gallery was curated and helped to welcome clients by showcasing motorcycle photos submitted by them with installed shocks on their motorcycles.  The headline "Welcome To The Gun Club" was written to give a feeling of exclusivity.  Images submitted from the company of it's owner and his dog reaffirmed camaraderie through humorous captions written for them.

Website before AW Design